Monday, July 30, 2012

A bad map and some raving

So, here's my mission boundaries...sorta. The green surrounded area is the approximate area. This map looks a little different than the one they sent me in my packet, but I don't have a scanner and I can't find it on the internet, so a more accurate map will follow. 

I sorta go all around Atlanta, but I don't think I actually go in it.

Sooo, some funny facts I have learned about Georgia:

Georgia is about half the size of my home state of Arizona. However, look at the difference between their counties.

15 for Arizona, 159 for Georgia. That's insane! Even when the two states are blown up so they look the same size, you can barely read what the Georgia map says.

You know what I'm really excited about in Georgia, well besides the number one priority of serving the people? THE FOOD!!!! The food in this state is what people consider comfort food or good home cookin'. Fried chicken, pulled pork, cornbread, peaches, pecans, fried green tomatoes, I just want to try it all! I'm glad I feel this way, cause I've never really like grits (what seems to be a staple in the Georgia diet) or peach cobbler (which is supposed to be such a good dessert). I'll try all that I'm offered if I can.


  1. Ali learned on her recent trip that even though it's named the Peach State, they don't grow peaches in Georgia (they're all from South Carolina). It was a misunderstanding between new settlers and the Indians I believe. The new folks thought they were describing "peach trees" but they were saying "pitch trees." Something else for your fact book. :)

  2. Reading this post made me so hungry. :/ :D


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