Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hidden Blessings

Hello Readers!

So many times in our lives, we are faced with challenges and difficulties. We are plagued with doubts, fears, and misunderstandings. However, there are a couple things that will always be true:

1. Someone loves me, you and every single person in the world.

You are never alone. There are always those around us who we do not realize love us and want to be there for us. Look closely for them and they will always be there.

Even without those people, God and Jesus always love us. They are ALWAYS there for us, through thick and thin, our greatest accomplishments, and our most insane moments of stupidity.

2. Our prayers are always heard and always eventually answered.

Our loving Heavenly Father continually listens to our prayers. He knows what is happening in our lives and He wants to help us if we will only ask Him in faith.

God's time table is so very, VERY different from ours. Sometimes we have to wait years for a prayer to be answered. Sometimes it is mere seconds. Sometimes we don't ever realize that our prayers have been answered, but I testify to you that they will always be answered. It is just a matter of waiting for God's time table.

Today was very scary. I thought someone very close to me was going to die. I was worried about how it would affect my going on a mission. I have been praying recently that I would KNOW that my mission call came from my Heavenly Father and that his plan encompasses me serving that mission. As I wondered how my mission might be affected if my loved one did not survive, a wonderful peace came over me. I Know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I have been called to serve in the Georgia Atlanta North Mission for a reason at this time. I don't know what that reason is and I may never know. It is enough for me to know that the Lord is guiding my steps and that I am following His Plan.

Thank you for reading! By the way, I will be giving a talk in church on September 16th. I would love it anyone and/or everyone could make it. It will be at 11am at the church on Brown and 40th Street, just East of Val Vista.

May the Lord bless you all and watch over you continually!


  1. What side of the building is that on and where is the chapel?? :) Gotta have the right directions

    1. Okay, first of all, this was posted by my mom, not me :)

      The address for the church building is

      3920 E Brown Rd
      Mesa, AZ 85205

      The Chapel is in the South part of the church, so just go in any door and head to the south. The doors will be labeled chapel or cultural hall.


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