Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October 29, 2012

Hello Wonderful children of God!

This week has been a hard one, but we have learned a TON about faith.

Talk about the highs of highs and the lows of lows. Hollee, our investigator who told us she wants to be baptized, ran out on a lesson and told us that she would never see or speak to us again. It was pretty dramatic. We both just sat there and cried, because we knew that we had done all we could, but that we may never see her again. This story does have a happy ending however. She did end up coming to
church yesterday, and while she is still mad about question 4 of the baptismal interview questions, I think she will be okay. She still wants to be baptized. We just need to teach her some doctrine that she is missing that might help.

We haven't been able to be as up and about as usual, because my knee has been bothering me. I have been in contact with the area doctor, and we are trying to make it work. I'm going on crutches so that I don't overwork it. Those gosh darn hills :)

Oh, and I was told last night that because I am "injured" I won't be allowed to drive for much longer. This is a problem because we have to have a car in our area, and my companion does not have her license. Lots of crying last night. We get along so well. Honestly, we are almost exactly alike. We are kind of hoping we become a trio. Pray for us please!

Does anyone have any experiences with people using the verse in revelations about not adding scripture? I know that it only applies to the book of Revelations, and that the books of the New Testament aren't even in order chronologically, but this is a concern we run into every day. We found a great talk by Elder Holland about it. I was just wondering if anyone had further insight...

Random side note: Bugs are gross! Honestly, house centipedes and milipedes and spiders bigger than my fist... GROSS! I was on my way to bed, and just walking through the kitchen, I accidentally curled my toes around a milipede! It was gross! That's okay...I killed it. We have a pet spider. His name is Alejandro. He lives in the corner of the dining room, and he is a FAT daddy long legs! I have no clue how he is still alive, but I know he is. We have conversations. He invited a friend into the apartment last night, and I don't think I appreciate that...

So, I didn't get any questions this week from mom, so instead, I will answer Brad and Jacquelyn's questions!

What is your best memory so far?

Best Funny memory:
I would have to say either the little kid jumping out of the bushes (if you haven't read this story, ask mom) or when a Less-Acitve member, who totally speaks southern, pronounced phlegm as "Fleem" instead of flem. It was really kinda funny.

Best spiritual memory:
Either when Linnette was baptized and confirmed, or when we were doing 12 weeks, our greenie program, and my trainer guided me to understand our purpose and have a real testimony of it.

What is your favorite food you've tried?

Oh, the corn dogs from Trader Joe's! Seriously, life changing! Or the cookies from Whole Foods Market. We haven't had any true southern cooking since I've been here, but I found a boiled peanuts stand!
We'll see how long it takes to get there. :)

My most spiritual experience this week because I know you want to know!

So, I got a blessing when my knee started bothering me, and I was promised that my knees would work properly and that I would have the strength to do missionary work. Well, this has been so interesting to
watch. As long as I have faith, as we walk up to people's houses or to contacts, my knee and leg don't hurt AT ALL! Literally, the pain just disappears. Then after we talk to the person or walk away from the
house, the pain comes right back. It is the craziest thing. Oh, and if we are going the wrong way on a street and we don't realize it, my knee starts hurting until we turn around.

Anyway, so when we get home and start planning, all the pain that has been held back throughout the day kind of crashes down. It hurts. This happened the other day, and I still had a lot I needed to get done
before bed. So I said the closing prayer, and I was having trouble standing. I just looked up to the ceiling and said " What? If you want me to do something, just tell me please. I'll do it." I knew I was supposed to go lay down. So I tried to stand up and my klutzy self kept falling over. Then the pain suddenly disappeared,
and I just felt this voice say,"There you go. You have 7 minutes to get everything you want and get into bed". I rushed around the apartment grabbing my journal and letters, and as soon as I sat down at about 7 minutes, the pain came back. I was able to lay in bed and get the things done I needed to. It was amazing and I just knew that God knew exactly what I was going through.

God always know what we need. I know that if we will simply pray to him in the name of Christ, that our righteous desires will be fulfilled. I know that as we pray in Christ's name, our will be aligned with the Father's and we will better be able to serve Him and those around us. I know that the scriptures can lead us closer to God and that revelation and the Holy Ghost can help us stay close to Him. I know that President Monson is a prophet of God and that he leads us to becoming our best selves.

I love you all and wish you a great week!

Sister Candace M. Smith

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