Monday, October 8, 2012

Last week in MTC

October 5, 2012

So, lots of news this week!

First, we got our travel plans. I leave for Georgia with 11 other missionaries on the 9th. Our plane leaves at 7:15 in the morning Utah time. I leave the MTC at 4am.

Second, I got a calling. I am the coordinating sister for our zone. It is interesting, and I am glad that there are only the 4 sisters in my district and the 3 sisters in the district next door (all ASL!!!!) It makes it alot easier.

So, because of General Conference, I don't get to go to the temple again. So we only will have gone once  :(

This week has been a little sad because of the Goodbyes. I absolutely love our teachers (which one of them is married to Elder Murray off the District 2!). We actually had 3 classroom teachers and 1 other Zone teacher, so here was lots of variety. I'm very excited to be leaving, but also very sad. I had some very good times here and I know that the mission field will be hard.

We have been learning all about the mission field today in In-Field Orientation. Getting to know people in 1 minute or less is probably the thing that I've had the hardest time with here at the MTC. I'm learning a ton from my companion and teachers though.

We finally actually learned what to do in companionship study last night. I have seriously not really know the entire time, so I finally asked a teacher when they went over my progress. Thank goodness I did!

I love you all!

The TRC has been my favorite part of the MTC. You get to go in and teach 3 different types of people: progressing investigators, referalls, and less actives. We went for the last time last night and it was fun. We knew that our progressing investigaor was a member, because the group before us saw here in the temple :) She is such a sweet lady. It was a pleasure to teach and learn with each of them.

-Did you get a chance to see Jerod or Chaz before they left the MTC? Who else have you seen that you know? What about the security guards that you delivered sandwiches to?
I did. I saw both of them. I even got to take a picture with Elder Destories, although by that time it felt weird to stand anywhere close to an Elder :) Elder Randall stopped by my classroom door one day. I totally didn't recognize him at first...again :)

-- Do you get all 5 sessions of General Conference there?
We get all the sessions of general conference and the women's broadcast. We watch the broadcast that was taped while the Elders are at Priesthood

-- What was your most spiritual experience this week?

I was having a hard time in my companionship this week. We just weren't getting along too well so we tried sorting it out a couple ways, including the branch president counseling with us. It was really interesting to see what happened when I tried my very hardest in my companionship, and the people that would randomly say something to me that told me the Lord knew I was trying my best. It was basically don't let it get you down, just keep going.

These keyboards are TERRRIBLE!

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