Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October 15 2012 FROM GEORGIA!!!!!!

3 letters from Candace. I kept getting pieces of letters for a couple of hours from Candace. She would hurriedly write something, then an hour later she wrote and sent something else...so this is all of them combined for you. That is why it is kind of way crazy sounding.

Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2012 13:04:29 -0400
Subject: October 15 2012 FROM GEORGIA!!!!!!

--Did you get to Georgia?  :)      Tell us about your flight and the people you talked to and what happened when you got there.

Hey Everyone!

Georgia decided to be very kind to me and is giving us BEAUTIFUL weather with barely any humidity. It's totally gorgeous here!

I am in the Paper Mill Ward. They are great and guess what?!?!?! I had my first baptism on Sunday! It was beautiful! Linnette was watching conference and made the decision to be baptized so it was really fast, but she was definitely prepared and ready. She has to wait for next week to be confirmed :(

I also get to go out of our mission at least once a week, because we are over the North Point Singles Ward. I guess they wanted sisters from our Mission for some reason. Anyway, we go over there for church and if there is any investigators, we teach at the church. It is getting interesting, but I love serving in a singles ward. Hey, so one of the sisters in the ward is Eugenie Hamstead. Hers sister is serving in Mesa. Is that the missionary you met? I am serving just under Alpharetta, and the singles come down to our ward, so I think it is.

BTW sorry if my letter is short and rushed today. I only have 30 minutes in all, and that includes writing President and reading all my emails :)

--Tell us all about your companion.

My Mommy is the best one out here :) I might be biased

I am being trained by Sister Worthington, who has only been out here 6 months! she is awesome though. We get along really well because neither one of us is really strong willed, but we both want to consecrate ourselves fully to the Lord (mission wide goal)

She is an Air Force Brat :) so she is from all over. We look ALOT alike. Someone at our ward thought we were sisters the other day :)

--Are the ASL missionaries in your mission also? or just at the MTC?

No ASL missionaries. Too bad, because one person from our district stayed behind because he has to learn ASL. He just found out he is going deaf.

--How is the Mission President and his wife.  They are your new mom & dad now for the next 16-1/2 months so be nice.:)

I love them! I got to see them on Sunday because the Portuguese branch (and their elders) were having a baptism at the same time on Sunday. Yummy Brazilian food!

Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2012 13:58:29 -0400

Subject: Funny story

I got a little more time on the computer, so I thought I'd tell you a funny story.

So, first of all, my companion doesn't drive, so I am our usual mode of transportation. Be very afraid! Anyway, we were leaving the house of Linnette, the lady who was just baptized, when we had to stop for a bus. We stayed back so the kids could easily get out of the way. When all but 3 kids were gone and the ones remaining were on the other side of the road, our conversation went a little like this:

Me: "Do you think it's safe?"
Sis. Worthington: "Yeah, probably"
Me: (as I look over at her) "As long as no kids jump *cue kid* out of the bushes"

Literally, as I said jump out of the bushes, this kid pops up out of them, waves at me and pops back down. I started laughing really hard, so my companion tried to look at what I was pointing at. He pops up again, waves, then pops back down. I swear, I still haven't stopped laughing. It was hilarious, and we had just got out of an amazing lesson, so we were a little punchy.

 I'm soooooooooo tired. Must nap......


Hey, I didn't get time to write earlier about a spiritual experience.

Well, yesterday was our baptism, and Linnette looked GLOWING! She was so ready. Before we got to church, my trainer asked that I try to seperate from the experience of knowing the woman and just feel what the Spirit was saying. So I did that. It was sooo cool! The Spirit basically said, "look at her absolute joy! This is why you are here. This is your purpose: To make people happy by inviting them and helping them to come unto Christ (see page 1 of Preach my Gospel for our AWESOME purpose)

Earlier this week, during comp study, I had been asking why missionaries tell investigators from the beginning sometimes that they are shooting for baptism. We had a super spiritual experience really gaining a testimony of our purpose as missionaries. then my trainer asked, "Does it seem hard or weird to tell investigators that you hope they are baptized?" Absolutely no way I could say no. It was amazing.

I'm done with the computer. Too much technology :)

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