Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Moving Forward...In a Positive Direction

So, I officially met with Bishop tonight and started my mission papers. I finished all the forms that I could on my own. Now I have to set up appointments with my doctor and dentist, and get a couple answers from my parents. All in all, it's going great! I can turn in my papers December 3, 2011. I'm so excited! I've always wanted to go on a mission, although I can't really explain why other than to serve the Lord, but that doesn't even feel like the full reason. We'll just have to see how all this goes!

To explain the title of this post, in one of my favorite books, Remember No More by Pamela Reid, the main characters live in New Zealand. One of the most influential lines in the book is "Move a positive direction". This was said to help heal wounds and move past the events of the past. The main girl, Kiri, would not allow herself the happiness that she had earned after a long series of trials until a wonderful woman said this to her. I believe it is a line that we could all apply in our lives daily as we try to better ourselves. Gotta love the quotes of a bookworm :)

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