Sunday, October 30, 2011

Insights on Autism

I haven't written for a little while, but a lot has been happening. I'm nearly done with my mission papers, although they aren't able to be turned in until December and I'm actually considering waiting even past that time to turn them in. I've also had a couple of dates in the past few days that were really fun, but the point is I'm here now.

It's early in the morning, but I just finished an incredible movie. It's called Temple Grandin. This movie is all about a woman who is autistic and the many things that she works through and accomplishes in her life. The woman's name is Temple Grandin and at the time she is diagnosed, doctors are claiming autism is caused by motherly neglect. This is of course not true. Temple is able to get a Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate Degree, design an efficient cattle handling system, and make friends along the way. I think the two things I like best about this movie are 1) it helps you to truly see the world through Temple's eyes, and 2) even though there were so many struggles for her and her mom, they still pushed through and found the positive moments along the way.

Anyway, you guys probably didn't want to hear all that, but I think movies like this that enable us to see through another's eyes are very important for our society. Most of our country does not understand Autism, and many don't even know what Autism is. I am fortunate to have experience with it through my job, and the kids that I work with bring joy into my life everyday because of their different view of the world. Temple's mother describes her and other individuals with Autism perfectly when she said "She is different, not less".

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