Monday, December 24, 2012

December 17, 2012

From Candace Smith

First of all, all the libraries are closed next monday, so no letter for you! You'll get to see me Tuesday Morning though. We will be skyping from the Paper Mill Ward Mission Leader's house. Long description there :) Anyway, I wrote down both your Skype addresses, so we should be okay. I'm not sure what time...probably anywhere from 11-2pm. I'll try to call you to let you know when I'm on.

First of all, I chopped off my hair. Okay, not all of it. But it's shoulder length now and I can completely do my hair in 5 minutes flat. SOOOOO EASY!!! I love it.
Honestly, it was a bit of a hard week, so we got a lot of lessons done, but there was also a lot of driving. We are seriously hurting for miles.
Oh, and the Mission Christmas party is the 19th, this Wednesday sillies!

----Tell us about your investigators.
McKenzie was able to talk to her mom about getting baptized. Her mom told her that she wants McKenzie to look up a few specific things, learn more about them, and when she can tell her mother about them, she will be fine with the baptism. We were so excited to hear that! So now she just needs to study up on the questions. We pointed out she has many resources. Bible, Book of Mormon, footnotes, Topical guide, Bible dictionary, Index,, We told her if she needs help, feel free to text or call, which she already does anyway.

Shirell and Talif came to the Festival of the Nativity, and then we were able to share the Living Christ with them this week. They like to feed us, and then us to teach them. Talif really opened up this week and asked questions that we knew he was wondering. It was great to see that. This family has 4 girls!

Laura is going through a hard time, but luckily she is leaning on Ward members for support. She is an awesome girl who really wants to know how to be closer to God.

don't have time!

---How long do you get for your phone call?
30-45 minutes. Please don't ask me to disobey rules. We are blessed as we listen to our leaders. I might not want to get off, but I'll need to.

---What is the weather like? this week?

VERY RAINY!!! It has been drizzling since yesterday morning. It's so gross! I had to back Sister Lovell out yesterday, and she reversed into a puddle cause she didn't watch me close enough, and I had to step in our friendly parking lot lake! I was so wearing tights, so I was wet for the next 2 hours. Blegh!

----What was your most spiritual experience this week?

We got to teach Wen-Wen the Plan of Salvation. We were on exchange, because Sister Worthington will be training again soon, so we had Sister Young from Hamilton Mill with us. Sister Lovell has this great puzzle for the P of S that has all the parts centered around the Atonement of Jesus Christ. It's amazing!

Anyway, so we started the lesson with Jesus Christ in the center and related everything to that. As we went through the lesson, i could just feel how she was believing pretty much everything that we said. Everything else, she asked about. Favorite question of the lesson, so if we were so happy and perfect with Heavenly Father, why did we choose to come to earth where things usually aren't happy? She said this in her awesome Chinese accent. It was so cool to see how much she already understood. We were running out of time, so we were going to stop at Our life on Earth, then she asked, well what goes here? and pointed to the next space of the puzzle. We just HAD to briefly finish it and told her that we would explain more later. It was sooooooo awesome! She seems to understand the scriptures pretty well too. She is reading about faith this week, which leads perfectly to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She is so amazing!

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