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November 26, 2012‏

Hey, I missed you guys!

Sorry, but it was a CRAZY week! First transfers, and guess what?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! We got a new companion! The third in our WONDERFUL trio is Sister Lovell, who was formerly in a trio training Sister Merback. We have decided to kill her in January, so stay tuned for announcements! Just kidding. She just hit her 17 month mark this past week, and this transfer is 7 weeks long, so we get her until January 9th or something like that. We also got another Brazilian Elder! So we now have 9 people in our district. It's huge! I hope someone else knows how to play piano, but alas, I believe I'm the only one! They put Elder Fritas and Elder Gomes on bikes, and they only stay in our area now (the other companionship covers pretty much all of Georgia, from what I hear).

I'm going to see a Chiropractor! And I don't have to pay for it. A ward member has some connections, which leads to free work on my back! Good thing :)

So, there have been so many changes going on. It is almost for sure that I will train in January. We are supposed to double our sisters then, so literally, they think everyone will be. We'll see. I've been told by my companions that I could easily train now, even with my knees.
So, life changes! Funny fact, I know! Chocolate is maybe eaten once a day in my life and I don't eat eggs. I avoid dairy. Weird! 

Oh, so the knees! My chondromalacia is painful, but nothing to worry over! So stop! I know you love me, but I was told by a very wise christian woman that you either worry or you pray, you don't do both. So please just pray for me, and then everyone will be happy :) Seriously though, I don't have to drive anymore, and I am working on stretching the muscles. It is an obstacle, but not a roadblock. I know the Lord will help me.
This week has been strange because on top of all these changes, one of our investigators was in Ohio telling her mother that she is getting baptized, and everyone else has been busy with Thanksgiving and family. It was really hard to get much done. Walking is not my knees favorite thing in the world, although talking to people is still. I love talking to people, even when they reject us. It can be painful, but just being able to talk to so many of God's children is such a blessing in my life. 


1. Candace, what did you do for Thanksgiving? 

We went to the Walkenhorsts along with three other families and ate a traditional meal, then had the kids help us make hand turkeys. We then taped these hand turkeys to people's doors and handed them to random people on the street. The Elders helped us with that part. :) 

2. What was your most spiritual experience this week?

Teaching the Plan of Salvation in a role play. That seriously sounds so weird, but I have not taught the Plan of Salvation all out like that. It took like 45 minutes, but it was so powerful, and of course I had no pain during it. The Spirit led every word, and I had my personality in there the whole time, but the spirit guided it so that every single transition was so smooth and personally relevant that I think both I and my investigator (Sister Worthington) cried the entire time. 

3. Chris wants to know, "What is the answer to life, the universe and everything?"

I heard 42. I like the answer,"Christ" or "The Atonement" better though :) 

4. How are your knees doing Candace?
I described it above. It's painful, but I am so stubbornly hanging on to staying out here that I am taking any measure I can to help them feel better now AND in the long run. Lots for my new companion to learn about it though.

Awesome Picture for our Candie PI

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