Monday, December 24, 2012

December 3, 2012

Sister Candace Smith

Sister Lovell is awesome! Being in a trio has made things much easier, because if we can see and hear one companion, we are good. Lots of "triangulation" :)

I'm going to a chiropractor this week! A member called in a favor and got us free service, I think. So, could you have Paul fax my records to Dr. Hortman? He is in the Sandy Springs Area. I wish I had more info for you, but we took his card home.

I'm having my first mission haircut tonight. I'm super excited! If it wasn't so cold in the mornings, I would chop most of it off. I think I will be cutting a good section off anyway, since it hits my lower back at the moment. When I have it in a high ponytail, it still gets caught in my jacket and scarf. BTW I will want my rain coat. The one I have is definitely too big for the summer here. Or probably even the spring. More on this later when it becomes more important.

I got dad's package. The map is really super helpful in this area, because our North Point people are from a ton of different places in Georgia.

Because of the coming influx of sisters, the mission is now putting more emphasis on keeping the sisters strong. We are now doing exchanges regularly, which we just did one on Tuesday. Sister Worthington went to Suwanee with Sister Nielsen (she came out with me) and Sister Berrett came here with Sister Lovell and I. It was really cool. I guess they planned it to boost the greenie confidence.

Sister Berrett came out with Sister Lovell, so this was pretty much the only time that I could have served with her. It was so fun! She is an awesome missionary.

We also have a Sister's Lunch coming up on Friday Afternoon. All the sisters from the mission are coming and Sister Wolfert is paying! We are renting out a room at a restaurant (I don't know which one yet) and having a fantabulous time together. I'm super excited for this.

Anyway, there is TONS happpening, and I can't write about all of it. May I just add on a final note before the questions that I do not like decorating? It turns out that our apartment has a 6.5" Tree. I don't want it, but that just means my companions get to decorate more. I'm so glad they want to decorate and they are fine with me just sitting and laughing with them.

-- Tell us about your investigators? (not a question; that's a command)

Sadly, not much has changed since last week. We don't know how it went with McKenzie's family because the school she works at is being audited...She doesn't think they'll pass. We hope it went well though. We want her to come to church with her daughter.

Hollee is still trying to believe that we can even know truth. She doesn't like relying on her emotions, so she has a hard time giving credit to Spiritual experiences. We are going on splits this week to teach her before institute.

We are definitely in finding mode.

--How is your weather there?

It starts out at about 40 degrees at 7 in the morning, then goes to 70 by the middle of the day, then the humidity rises and the temperature drops to about 50. It's really weird. It hasn't snowed though...YAY!!!!

If it did snow, we have a fireplace :)

--What is your favorite Christmas Memory?

Definitely the food storage christmas and going to waffle house in the morning. All the missionaries (except me) seem to call it Awful house here. I guess they are known for their terrible service and disgusting food...weird. I'll have to try it.

--What was your most spiritual experience this week?

Teaching the Plan of Salvation to Connie (Inactive, converted as a 13 year old, but stopped coming to church soon after). It was so cool! The Spirit was so strong and we were able to invite her to come to church with us on Sunday. She has been very afraid to come to church because she has been gone for so long (she is now 47), but the spirit was so strong. We told her her home teacher would love to pick her up, and since she has been able to keep in contact with him monthly for years, she said that'd be fine. We met at her house early Sunday morning and reassured her that she looked great, especially with her awesome pocketbook (aka purse :) ) Then it was off to church. By the end of it, she turned to me and said she wanted to come back next week. I'm so excited for her!

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